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The tax year is the basis for which HMRC calculates your taxes. In the UK the tax year starts on the 6th April and ends the following 5th April. So if you wish to declare income and expenses for the tax year ended 5th April 2018, this will be submitted on the 2017/18 tax return.

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When you sell or give away an asset and it has increased in value, you may be taxable on the gain (profit). This doesn't apply when you sell personal belongings worth £6,000 or less or, in most cases, your main home.

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While Child Benefit is not taxable, if your household receives it and someone in your household has taxable income of over £50,000 they may have to pay extra tax

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Any individual who receives income from letting a property has to declare this to the HM Revenue & Customs, even if they do not make a profit.

Note: If you have five or more properties, we will need to review your situation before we can agree a fee.
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